Summer camps

udalekuak-orokorra Arizmendi

In the area of Non­formal Education and taking into account its significance, Arizmendi Ikastola organises 3 types of summer camps:

Summer camps offer different activities depending on the age. Normally, activities related to our culture and language are done in the morning, and in the afternoon, basque sports, water­sports, bertsolarismo, basque dances and other free­time activities are practised.

Summer camps are in

  • Gares (1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students)
  • Acedo (4th y 5th grade students)
  • Otsagi (6th grade students)
  • Zuriza (High­school students)

Main objectives:  ­

  • Using the basque language in their everyday life.
  • Knowing the culture and customs of Euskal Herria. ­
  • Promoting values such as solidarity, respect, hygiene…
  • ­Living a happy experience.
  • ­Training on different skills. ­
  • Enjoying the summer camp.

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Arizmendi Ikastola offers open camps for pre­school children and with a very flexible schedule in Uribarri, Umezaintza, Basabeazpi and Jose Arana. The aim is that different aged children enjoy the basque atmosphere. For that, different activities are organised: The day of the water, the day of workshops, the day of the world­cultures…

The technological camp wants to encourage children’s interest in science, the technology engineering and maths. For that, we organise camps including activities that show that it is possible to enjoy learning new things.

In this camp, Arizmendi ikastola and Camptecnológico, in collaboration with the MU, create a context in which students run through their own limits and by means of robotics, they let loose of the competence and creativity.

It is directed to students in elementary and secondary school, to those who have previously taken part in a robotics campus or to anyone who is interested in taking the first step in this current and interesting field.