Secondary education

Bigarren-Hezkuntza Arizmendi



PE teachers organize and guide these sports competitions at break­times and lunch times in Gaztelupe and Almen. The objective is that students have fun and acquire healthy habits. Besides, students develop their sense of responsibility, since they have the chance to propose different activities. In this way, motivation also arouses. Some of the activities carried out this school year have been indoor soccer, K.O., ping­pong, ludo…


BH­KLIP is a video clip competition for high­school children that was created 5 years ago due to the significance new technologies have lately achieved in education. It is organised by the teaching body of Arts and the head of communication from the Ikastola. In the last years, supporters such as the department of HUHEZI from MU, GOIENA and BAGARA also collaborate with it. This year, Aranzadi Ikastola and Txantxiku Ikastola will also join the competition, so the project will be spread to the whole valley.


In order to strengthen the ties with other Ikastolas in the valley, we organise this activity for students of the 6th grade. For that, a multidisciplinary project encompassing subjects of PE and some sessions from other subjects such as Basque, Music or Tutorials will be carried out in the second term. The following topics will be covered; rural sports, basque traditional games, bertsolaritza, basque dances… The project will end up with a festival at the end of the term.  In addition to the participation of Arizmendi Ikastola, Txantxiku Ikastola (Oñati) and Aranzadi Ikastola (Bergara) will also be there.


In the 7th grade of High­School Olympic games are held in PE, and taking into consideration the numerous possibilities that it offers, we have decided to organise our own olympic games, seeing it as a multidisciplinary project. We carry out this activity in Arrasate; the first part in the facilities of Iturripe and the last one in the main plaza, where all students dance the Aurresku. In this way, we comprise simultaneously regulated and nonregulated education.


Every year, on the first Sunday of  October Kilometroak are celebrated, the official festival of the Ikastolas of Gipuzkoa. Among the many activities THE CHALLENGE is held. It is adressed to 8th and 9th grade students and aims promoting their participation. It was held in 2014 for the first time and the students that took part then had much fun. In our Ikastola, the group BAZARA is in charge of the activity.


These trips are organised to promote mountaineering among students and get to know the natural landscapes around us.


These kind of trips are organised to promote cycling among youngsters. In this way, we have the chance to know green routes in the valley and be aware of the sustainability.


Buses are organised to attend the festival of the Ikastolas (Kilomentroak, Herri Urrats…) in cooperation with other Ikastolas of the valley. They are special days organised to enjoy and have fun in a basque atmosphere and help economically the Ikastola that organises the festival that year.