Pre-school education

Haur-Hezkuntza Arizmendi

Preschool education offer:


Cooperative Art: A very appropriate workshop to encourage creativity. All kind of material is used; tempera, recycled material… Imagination is very important for the children to create different things.


It is a workshop directed to build up different choreographies; basque dances, Batuka, Pop-Rock… They will be able to get to know basque culture and above all, its dances and songs.

The first contact will involve learning easy dances and funny games. They will create funny choreographies, with body movement and songs from other countries with the help of Batuka and Pop/Rock. As a final touch, children will give a performance in front of the parents.


Children will have the chance to know the culture of Euskal Herria, especially the sons and the basque dances. Their first contact with such dances will involve learning them through very easy and funny games. At the end of the workshop children will perform in front of parents.


This workshop offers children from Arizmendi Ikastola the chance to know about this japanese sport in a very entertaining way. Judo was created from the self­defense technique of samurais and was designed to be considered as a martial art.


Developing different skills and having a good time with friends is the aim of the activities. Each of the students will be able to get to know his / her abilities and limits into the groups.


Children will take their first step with the tambourine through basque music. They will work in groups and at the end of the workshop they will perform in front of parents.


Roller Skating is an activity that children are very fond of. They will learn to skate progressively, through dynamic and funny exercises. It is also possible to do this workshop together with parents, since it is a very important activity to reinforce family­relationships in an entertaining way. It is also a great occasion to strengthen bonds between different families.


This meditative technique was originated in India, and according to its followers, it means “the fusion of the individual with its integrity”. Arizmendi Ikastola wants to bring this relaxation technique closer to the students.