Elementary education

Lehen-Hezkuntza Arizmendi


Located in Almen, this activity is run at lunch break. Students have the chance to know about the world of performance. They carry out dynamics related to theatre and they perform several times during the year before children of pre­school in Basabeazpi and Jose Arana and in the end­of­year party before parents in Almen. This enables them to show their work of the year.


These championships are ran at lunch break in Almen. An extraordinary way to improve the relationship between students who really like to do this kind of activities: indoor soccer, frontennis, basketball, pelota…


Together with the Dantzaz Company, students of the 3rd grade will know about the career of the basque musician Arriaga. Students on the 5th and 6th grade will be supported by professional dancers during a whole week in the afternoons. The objective is to work on choreographies, with some help in different areas. Therefore, the subject of Social sciences will include a topic about Napoleon in Euskal Herria for example and in the subject of Basque Language, Mozart and our distinguished musician will be compared, as well as the different historical contexts. The last day of school students will perform the choreography before parents.Interview to EITB responsible about DANCE FLOOR 2 (34­38 minutes).


Firi Fara is a programme created by Dantzaz company for students on the 4th grade. It shows the steps one should follow to enter the company. After a professional dance session in the Amaia Theatre, professionals themselves come to our school to talk to them. Afterwards and during the whole year, students can keep in touch with the members of the Dantzaz company.


They consist of trips programmed for the whole elementary stage. During the last years, trips have been made to watch Baskonia and La Real matches. Apart from enjoying the matches, emphasis is given to the sporting behaviour.


Non­formal education in Arizmendi Ikastola is also about promoting the relationship with other entities and groups and try to help develop the curriculum that corresponds to our valley. The Legends of the Valley of Leniz was created with this purpose, and among the many activities is included a trip to work in situ the topics covered on the didactic material of Txanela and to include relevant legends.


The aim is to organise a solidary cross­race with students in the elementary school, in order to highlight the importance of solidarity in our society. That is, it pursues stimulating the sensitivity about the needs that anyone has and that can arise. This wants students not to look away, leave the apathy aside and make them aware of the fact that we can change the situations.
This initiative has been outlined as linked to sports, so that students realise that they can have fun and be helpful at the same time. This year the collected money has been for the Kaskarotenea Ikastola in Ziburu, to whom we have wanted to show our support. Students will learn that by participating in a race, practising sport and enjoying it also helps the ones in need.