Mendi-irteera Arizmendi

Official school of Free-Time instructors:

High School students can get the official certification for Free-Time instructors in the official school for that. Students receive a 200 hours-training and will participate in the activities organised by the Ikastola, such as the solidary cross-race, Ikastola’s celebration, Spring’s party, summer camps, Olympic games…

Activities will be characterised by:

1. Offering students a comprehensive education and the chance to live and enjoy their free time in basque.
2. Baccalaureate students going from being recipients of values to being transmitters.

3. Students who take part in the various activities of the Ikastola, since carrying out such activities would be difficult without their participation.

4. Learning how to organise and assess the training sessions of Free-time instructors.

5. Learning how to use resources and methods for free-time entertainment.

6. Students from the Arizmendi Ikastola having the chance to obtain the certification of the Free-Time instructor, because it will be necessary in the future to get a job in this area.

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Garikoitz Ibarzabal