Arizmendi ikastola sarrera

Arizmendi Ikastola was created in 2003 by the union of 4 other Ikastolas from the Léniz-Valley. San Frantzisko Xabier, Umezaintza, Almen and San Viator.

Its educational offer covers all stages from 0 to 21 year­old students, and even ongoing formation; that means, pre­school education, elementary education, secondary and high school education, vocational training and non­formal education.

12 areas are spread in 3 towns: Aretxabaleta, Eskoriatza and Arrasate/Mondragón.

Arizmendi Ikastola is an integral cooperative, that is to say, it consists of beneficiary partners (families), shareholder employees and collaborating partners.

As a basque educational cooperative of the valley of Léniz, it aims to help develop basque and cooperative people who know how to manage different situations of life. Arizmendi Ikastola holds upon the Pedagogy of Confidence and Integration.