Non-­formal education

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Non­formal education wants to respond to the formation and retraining demands of employees and the unemployed. That’s why specific courses are organised, funded by LANBIDE or HOBETUZ. In addition, personalised formation for companies, institutions or any interested person is offered.

At the same time, courses are organised in order to get different diplomas that certify the competence in the professional fields of Construction and Civil Work, Sociocultural and Community Services, Health and Sports.

Unemployed people take precedence in the courses organised by LANBIDE. The aim is to promote labour insertion by identifying the needs of the labour market. A pre­established percentage of employed workers can also join such courses, as long as no unemployed person who meets all requirements is left outside.

Employed workers have priority in the courses funded by HOBETUZ. In this case, a preestablished percentage of unemployed people can join the courses, and the aim is to improve the skills of workers in order to respond better to the market demands and to customers.

PERSONALISED TRAINING: Specific formation courses in the fields of Construction and Civil Work, Sports, Sociocultural and Community Services, Health and Sports are offered, meeting the needs and conditions of the customers.Courses that have been offered:


  • Basis of Bioconstruction
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cypecad
  • Cype 3D metal ­ Cype System
  • Presto
  • Lider
  • Calene
  • SketchUp
  • C3X
  • ITE
  • Arquimedes
  • Autocad


  • Initiation in Psychiatry
  • Palliative Care
  • Taking care of Caregivers
  • Sociocultural Entertainment



  • Spinning instructor
  • Functional bandage
  • Group­ weightlifting
  • Indoor cycling instructor
  • Sports for elderly people
  • Personal trainer


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