Secondary Education

An innovative educational model:

Arizmendi Ikastola encourages students to look for solutions, with the aim of train competent people who tackles every situation in life. Consequently, apart from having to use prior knowledge, students acquire new concepts and develop them. Definitely, they are invited to use all their knowledge in a comprehensive manner for solving the outlined problem.  This is called the Pedagogy of Integration and is applied in this stage that takes in 6-12 year-old children.

DBH Arizmendi

How do the students work?

Students have all the necessary material in Ikasgunea, a digital platform created by the Federation of Ikastolas. Their most important tool is the laptop, in addition to other resources such as digital board and the bimmer.

How can parents help their children?

Parents can monitor the activities of their children through the digital platform, and so help them. At the same time, the Ikastola organises every term training sessions for parents and they can also receive help from their children’s tutor.

In the first training session, parents get to know the new educational project of the Ikastola, reflected in the digital platform Ikasgunea. In a second session, they go deeper into the work of their children, what they are learning, how they can check their activities… One last session is devoted to the assessment.

Head master of Secondary Education e-mail
Elena Errasti