Educational Project

Egitasmo pedagogikoa
Arizmendi Ikastola is committed to deepening its educational model for the year 2020. Targeting this, the educational project, comprising a set of educational practices to achieve the aimed individual / collective objectives, has been established and consolidated.

The basis of the educational programme of Arizmendi Ikastola is the student profile that represents the type of student our school wishes them to become at the end of the educational path. Therefore, Arizmendi Ikastola aims to help develop cooperative and basque people, able to face different situations in life. All of the other elements that form the project come from the aforementioned profile.

With this objective, Arizmendi Ikastola has made specific pedagogical and didactic choices. Our most important choice has been that of the Pedagogy of Confidence. As a consequence, the Pedagogy of Integration has also been crucial for the teaching process and for the students to learn how to manage different life contexts.

All these pedagogical decisions are developed into different projects in different stages. There is one project for each stage. In this way, the pre-school educational programme is called ERDU, the primary educational one GURA, IZEN for the secondary educational project and PRO is the name for vocational training.