Holiday service

Oporretako zaintza zerbitzua ARIZMENDI

This is the service that the school offers to all children on the holiday period ­except in August.

Aimed at Students aged 6-10.
Timetable 08:00-18:00
Place Arimazubi Center in Arrasate; meeting point for all students from Arizmendi.

There are 3 different options:

● All holiday­ periods of the year: 55,55 €x 11 months

● September­-July: 44,55€ x 11 months

● The possibility to make use of the service for one week: 146,50€ (the school should be informed about it a month in advance).

1. A minimum amount of children will be required for this service to be available. The programme is completely recreational and there is also a canteen service.
2. Children should stay at school from 09:30 to 12:30 and from 14:30 to 16:30, in order to ensure the essential group experience.
3. Toys which stimulate recreational activities will be allowed but not individual games such as the Game­boy.

Center Head master
Arimazubi Jon Kortazar